Poços de Caldas, M.G., Brazil


Hamburg, Germany


2022. Master of Fine Arts, Art and Critical Theory, HFBK Hamburg, Germany (expected)

2019. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Time-based Media, HFBK Hamburg, Germany

2014. Continuing Education Track Program in Photography, ICP, New York, U.S.A.

2012. Juilliard School, Evening Division, New York, U.S.A.

2003. Technologist in Brazilian Popular Music, Conservatório Musical Antonio F. Viviani, P. de Caldas, Brazil


2021. Conditions of A Necessity, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Germany (upcoming)
Proof of Stake, Kunstverein in Hamburg, Germany (upcoming)

2021. Armen Avanessian & Enemies #98: Staying with Conflict, Volksbühne Berlin, Germany

2021. Armen Avanessian & Enemies #97: Konflikt Lernen, Volksbühne Berlin, Germany

2021. Jaresausstellung, HFBK Hamburg, Germany

2020. Tupi or Not, Raum linksrechts, Hamburg, Germany

2020. Die Balkone Hamburg: Art and quarantine, Hamburg, Germany

2020. direct line (in)to the matrix, Galerie La Døns, Hamburg, Germany (solo)

2020. Jahresausstellung, HFBK Hamburg, Germany

2019. Absolventenausstellung, HFBK Hamburg, Germany 

2019. Radical Twilight – Expeditions into the Gray Zones of Reality, FRAPPANT, Hamburg, Germany

2018. Naht- und Schnittstellen, HFBK Hamburg, Germany 

2018. Tautology, HFBK Gallery, Hamburg, Germany 

2018. Jahresausstellung, HFBK Hamburg, Germany 

2018. ICH - Intangible Cultural Heritage, HFBK Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

2017. The Great Success Machine, HFBK Hamburg, Germany 

2017. Speak About, HFBK Hamburg, Germany 

2017. Jahresausstellung, HFBK Hamburg, Germany 

2016. Glaubensfragen? Zur Ästhetik von Geschichte(n), Universität Hamburg, Germany  2016. Jahresausstellung, HFBK Hamburg, Germany

2016. Wir Irgendwo Dahinter, Elektrohaus, Hamburg, Germany


2020. Tupi or Not, Raum linksrechts, Hamburg, Germany


2021.  #CoronaPublicationGap: Kunst trotz(t) Corona, BWFGB Hamburg

2020. Publikationsförderung Materialverlag

2020. Karl H. Ditze Stiftung, Hamburg, DE (Tupi or Not Förderung)


2021. Proof of Stake (upcoming)

2021. A Possible Thesis, A Bibliography, And Other Considerations About A Summer, A Library And A Search Engine In The So-Called Information Age (upcoming)

2018. Naht- und Schnittstellen, Artist book produced by students of Ute Jenssen and Ulrike Wittern 

2017. Der Greif   

2017. Feature Shoot here, here and here 

2015. International Center of Photography, Spring Catalog 

2014. LensCulture

2013. International Center of Photography, CE Track Book 5


Since 2020. Teaching Assistant: philosophy department, HFBK Hamburg, Germany

Since 2017. Tutor: digital photo lab, HFBK Hamburg, Germany

2018. Gest lecturer: UNIFEOB, São Paulo, Brazil

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